Thursday, May 21, 2009

Overallotment: May 21

  • US will steer GM into bankruptcy next week (WaPo)
  • BankUnited fails in year's biggest bust (WSJ)
  • Treasuries rise as Fed's Rosengren says recovery will be slow (Bloomberg)
  • Tech rally in full force: Lenovo shares dive after second straight qtrly loss (MarketWatch)
  • Yen advances after finance minister says bank will not intervene in currency policy (Bloomberg)
  • Goodbye Ed Liddy - you served your purpose (NYT)
  • Geithner claims the permanent TARP revolver is actually not permanent, facts say otherwise (AP)
  • No green shoots here: Gap profit falls as consumers prefer to brave New York naked (Bloomberg)
  • Russia convinces BlackRock stocks can whistle past recession, sells 3 Brooklyn bridges (Bloomberg)

P.S. ZH is happy readers found the Kondratieff chart useful. Sphere: Related Content
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