Monday, May 18, 2009

Overallotment: May 18

  • FASB rule will force banks to move assets onto books, more pain down the road (Bloomberg)
  • Local banks face big losses due to commercial real estate (WSJ hat tip IMA5U)
  • In advising U.S., BlackRock thrives in uncertain times (NYT and WSJ)
  • GS, JPM, MS apply for TARP repayment (Bloomberg and FT) [will State Street please issue an 8K when shorting is again permitted?]
  • Stevie Cohen will allow quarterly redemptions, making life for peers a nightmare (Bloomberg)
  • Trustee sues Fairfield Greenwich for $3.2 billion over Madoff losses (NYT)
  • Lazard's Jim Millstein becomes Geithner's Chief Restructuring Officer (FT)
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