Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Frontrunning: May 19

  • Housing construction drops 12.8% in April, after 8.5% drop in March, to record low of 458k, CNBC, doing 180 degrees from yesterday: "This is good news as we need to hit 0 and kill excess inventory fast." (AP and Bloomberg). - Futures still positive... Someone is buying
  • Daniel Och (Och-Ziff) stashes cash in anticipation of market crash (Bloomberg)
  • Another wrench in Chryler bankruptcy's spokes (WSJ)
  • Russian economy to shrink 8% this year (Bloomberg)
  • Alan Abelson: The missed chance for a sentimental rally (Barron's)
  • Treasury prices continue retreat (CNN)
  • Krugman in China: stimulating, controversial and expensive (China Stakes)
  • Volkswagen, Porsche need foreign investor [good luck] says Lower Saxony Prime Minister (Bloomberg)
  • Spitzer: How to fix the New York Fed (Slate)
  • Will the government reject TARP payments from Goldman and MS? (24/7 Wall St)
  • The financial system lurking in the shadows (Marketwatch)
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