Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Frontrunning: May 20

  • Government to get majority stake in GMAC, invests yet another $7.5 billion (Bloomberg)
  • California falls deeper in budgetary crisis: major propositions voted down (Bloomberg)
  • Japan economy collapses 15.2% in Q1 on export slide (Reuters and Bloomberg)
  • SEC to be stripped of regulatory duties in favor of Fed (Bloomberg, hat tip Gord)
  • Martin Wolf: The crisis is a moment but is it a defining one? (FT)
  • The next failed German automotive merger: Continental - Schaeffler (Bloomberg)
  • Has gold been manipulated? (Seeking Alpha)
  • Jack Welch joins the Obama-Chrysler criticism bandwagon (Bloomberg)
  • Where are the natural buyers? (Big Picture)
  • CLO funds fail asset tests as downgrades accelerate (Bloomberg)
  • Why government can't run a business (WSJ)
  • Baum: Economists stuck in the 30s need a decade update (Bloomberg)
  • Deere Q2 profit tumbles 42% (AP)
  • What will change about credit cads? (The Atlantic)
  • Another perspectives on the Patterson-Telegraph debacle (Naked Capitalism)
  • $42 billion in automotive pensions unfunded (Mish)
  • Taxed out of New York (NY Post)
  • Is the Fed overreaching? (Forbes)
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