Friday, April 24, 2009

Frontrunning: April 24

  • Morgan Stanley considers spinning off trading desk, including PDT/quant group (WSJ)
  • Jonathan Weil: Wall Street's 1923 scams return in Geithner plan (Bloomberg)
  • Fannie Mae creates housing mirage with bum loans (Bloomberg)
  • KKR asks investors for additional €730 million to bail out portfolio companies (Bloomberg)
  • Lewis to face SEC probe of Merrill testimony (Bloomberg)
  • Beware of fake bank profits (NIA, hat tip Kevin)
  • BNP: "Equities still a bubble and equity guys out of this world" (FTAlphaville, hat tip David)
  • Hulbert: Bull markets often retest bear market lows (MarketWatch)
  • Swaps man who knew too much fights to salvage world he lost (Bloomberg)
  • How Bernie Madoff did it (Fortune)
  • Simon Johnson is the unlikely revolutionary (American Prospect)
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