Monday, April 20, 2009

Frontrunning: April 20

  • Oracle buys Sun for $9.50/share in cash (PR)
  • Bank Of America earns more in Q1 than in all of 2008. Nothing shady about that (Bloomberg)
  • Europe's rich rush for hedge fund redemptions (FT)
  • Emmanuel, Summers signal no need for additional TARP funds (Bloomberg)
  • The wail of the 1% (NY Magazine)
  • Mankiw: Time for Fed to go negative? (NYT, conforms with Zero Hedge observations)
  • Salmon: Citigroup's horrible conference call (Reuters)
  • Emotions shouldn't rule your portfolio (Bloomberg)
  • Top 100 financial advisors are rethinking diversification and hedging (Barron's video)
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