Thursday, April 23, 2009

Frontrunning: April 23

  • Initial and continuing Jobless claims both worse than estimates at 640k and 6,137k. Is there a third or fourth derivative we can look at to justify the squeeze?
  • Lewis testifies Bernanke and Paulson pressured bank not to discuss plan to buy Merrill (WSJ)
  • Roubini: We are still a long way from the bottom (Forbes)
  • Turns out Fiat has problems of its own, reports huge loss, rules out Chrysler investment (FT)
  • Porsche to sell car assets to Volkswagen, Piech family to tighten grip over VOW (Bloomberg)
  • Why I fired my stockbroker (The Atlantic)
  • Mutual fund Janus Capital's profit falls 93% (Fox)
  • The reeducation of Tim Geithner (Portfolio)
  • What would Thomas Jefferson do? (Vanity Fair)
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