Monday, March 2, 2009

Overallotment: March 2

  • The upcoming double-dip recession (Reuters)
  • KKR's Masonite latest LBO bankruptcy casualty (WSJ)
  • Populist anger shifts to small bank heads: next up on the guillotine Bruce Wasserstein (Huffington)
  • More tinkering by Obama: Bad Bank plan next up on the drawing board (WSJ)
  • Ruth Madoff trying to retain $62 million of "fraud unrelated" assets (Bloomberg)
  • "Cramdown" measure for mortgage debt reduction to be tightened (WSJ)
  • Germany's real estate companies fighting for survival with $5.3 billion in debt looming (Bloomberg)
  • The last resort for the unemployed: hooby magazine (NY Post)
  • AIG on AIG's collapse in 21 apocalpyse-filled pages (NYT)
  • Citi becoming next Hyundai: allowing jobless to pay less on loans (WSJ)
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