Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Apple's Market Cap Surpasses General Electric

Granted AAPL has 0 debt compared to GE's $500 + billion. Nonetheless, the snapback in tech is sure to be vicious once funds have to sell the only performing sector to fund humongous margin calls. Sphere: Related Content
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James said...

Whats really scary is no one is preparing for another Lehman type incident. they think the government can somehow prevent anything like that from ever happening again.

I agree that tech is more vulernable right now.

Anonymous said...

Not an APPL zealot - but check out the cash on their B/S - $28! That's a big insulator to have. I suspect the fear is that whoever replaces Lord Vader uh, Lord Jobs, will manage to piss away all the cash before shareholders get near it!