Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ford February Sales Down 48.4%

In line with apocalyptic expectations and with a roughly 9.5 million SAAR, Ford reports car and truck sales down to 99,400 from 192,799 a year ago. "Industry sales at these levels make it more challenging for GM a Chrysler to become profitable and pay back $17.4 billion in U.S. loans." At the end of February, Ford, Lincoln and Mercury inventories totaled 405,000 units. Inventories are 32 percent lower than a year ago. Ken Czubay, VP of sales and marketing says:

"A key element of our strategy to build our reputation and improve resale values
is to align our production with consumer demand," said Czubay. "Our disciplined
approach to the market in these challenging times helps us to minimize costly
incentives which erode brand value."
Amusingly, Ford plans to introduce its new Fusion model during tonight's "American Idol" episode.

Among the stats, in February Ford sold 1,160 Tauruses (Tauri?), 1,564 Expeditions, 9,904 Foci, and less than half the 52,548 F-Series it sold last year, at only 23,614 Sphere: Related Content
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