Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama Third Biggest Recipient Of Stanford Campaign Cash

The Center for Responsive Politics has come out with an insightful list, disclosing Stanford's campaign contributions which shockingly demonstrates that R. Allen Stanford was president Obama's third largest donor.

Turns out Stanford was a big Democrat, giving almost a million to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Other politicians have benefited from Stanford's fraud inspired generosity over the years:
Bill Nelson, Florida Democrat: $45,900
Pete Sessions, Texas Republican: $41,375
John McCain, Arizona Republican: $28,150


Chris Dodd, Connecticut Democrat: $27,500

Overall, Stanford spent $7.2 million on campaign donations and lobbying expenses since 1999. The company also ferried lawmakers on corporate jets, including former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas, a Republican who received $20,100 in Stanford campaign donations, and former Representative Robert Ney of Ohio, a Republican who received $28,200.

Once the fraudulent conveyance implications kick in it will be amusing to see all these congressional members refund the ill-gotten cash. And we can't wait to hear Chris Dodd's take on things... after all he is so concerned about compensation propriety these days. Sphere: Related Content
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Securities or lack thereof said...

oh please, obama got $30k and mccain got $28K seems like 50/50. I really like most of your posts, but your political bias is startling

Tyler Durden said...

i am actually a nihilist. yes it is exhausting. the reference was the $1 million to the Dem Sen Campaign. don't shoot messenger

Securities or lack thereof said...

this is chump change when compared to the sums GS,MS and other firms raise and package from the employees for both parties.

Mark said...

There is a nice picture of them together as well.

Its not Dem or Rep
its just America - the rich get access. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Most of the politicians on the list are now donating Stanford's contributions to charity. Obama is only donating $8,000 since the rest of "his" money actually went to other Dem campaigns.

Exceptions are Texas Senators Cornyn and Sessions, who are keeping all their money from Stanford. I would be interested to hear their explanations.

Anonymous said...

Title says "Obama is third biggest recipient of Stanford's donations"; then we have "Stanford is Obama's third larget donor". OK, pick one and stick with it.

I see a lot of donations to Republicans. Hardly "a big Democrat".

Anonymous said...

Time to strike:

Time to boycott ALL tarp recipients, pull your money out of the participating banks. Start by adding the list up here, feel free to post the names of the companies who (allegedly) raped America and then (allegedly) raped your kids for generations to come with the (unconstitutional?) bailout. Also, take ALL your money out of WALL STREET and the markets. Buy only from mom and pop stores and pay a bit extra. Buy a safe and keep your money stashed or use a small local bank.,XLF,JPM;page=2

Time to throw out the (alleged) crooks in Washington. Since we will never know which ones are the crooks, be safe and vote ALL of them out on BOTH sides of the aisle.

Have a nice life.
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