Thursday, February 19, 2009

Citadel Troubles Escalating

The fallout from Citadel's nebulous future is spreading. Russki Algo trading genius Misha Malyshev, who was classified as Citadel's Head of High-Frequency Trading, and who was responsible for some of the only profits at Citadel last year, generating 40% returns for the two funds under his control has left the firm. His gains paled when compared to the 55% losses by the two biggest funds, Kensington and Wellington. This was also likely an issue when calculating his "bonus" and his eventual career decision. It is unclear as of yet where Misha has resumed trading at a high frequency. The high-frequency trading group at Citadel is (or rather was) part of the Capital Markets group, headed by Rohit D'Souza who was poached from Merrill last year, and manages about $2 billion. Will be curious who, if anyone, will be dragged in to replace the stern looking Misha.

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