Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Late Tuesday Headlines

  • Emmanuel Rahm was paid $260,000 to be Freddie Mac director in 2000-2001 (NYPost)
  • Hedge fund consolidation to heat up (Bloomberg)
  • Doug Kass: Fear and Loathing on Wall Street (TheStreet)
  • More brokerage mergers coming (Reuters)
  • $650 million in stimulus package for set top digital TV converter boxes sure makes sense (WSJ)
  • Bubble-creator Greenspan says current measures unable to solve his mess (Bloomberg)
  • Trump's image being flushed down the toilet (Reuters)
  • The decline of California (WSJ)
  • Dick Bove leaves Ladenburg to join Rochdale (DealBook), gets downgraded from Managing Director to VP, to continue working out of his Lutz, FL home office
  • Euro trades near 10 week low as Europe's troubles worsen (Bloomberg)
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Anonymous said...

"Trump's image being flushed down the toilet."