Monday, February 16, 2009

Late Monday Readings

  • Futures hammered (Bloomberg)
  • The timeline of Geithner's impromptu bank rescue plan (Washington Post)
  • California in limbo with no budget, 20% of state workers to be let go shortly (Reuters)
  • Automaker bankruptcy looms (WSJ)
  • Yet... GM, UAW talks make headway (Reuters)
  • James Saft - Nationalization by autumn (Reuters)
  • Japan finance minister to resign after drunk press conference incident (FT)
  • John Malone to bail out Sirius (Bloomberg)
  • Antigua terrified of Stanford investigation implications (Reuters)
  • Real estate price on Hong Kong's Peak drop 30.5% (Bloomberg)
  • The new Russian Top 20 billionaires (Moscow Times)
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Anonymous said...

Futures hammered. Is that a regular hammer or a monkey hammer?