Monday, January 26, 2009

NYC Poised to Boost Cab Tax Collections by Offering "Fare Share" Program

With MTA ridership about to to fall off a cliff once the new fare hike takes place, and the only time New Yorkers take cabs these days is to get to ever rarer interviews, mayor Bloomberg has recently come up with a scheme to boost mass transit tax collections. It seems that NY is considering a taxi sharing program to promote group ridership. Drivers seem pumped about it due to the shady math involved that would benefit cab operators at the expense of overflowing taxis. The "math" would work as follows: a $20 trip from midtown to Wall Street for two passengers would cost $13 each, while three passengers would pay $10 each.

We shall see how New Yorkers react to this idea if implemented: never too happy when their personal space is invaded by smelly, sweaty strangers, this may just make the city just that little bit more social. Sphere: Related Content
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Anonymous said...

There's a cool website that exists and allows to share cab rides. It just launched (december) but the aim is simple: share your ride to save money and protect the environment. It's called