Monday, January 26, 2009

January 26 Early Headlines

  • Caterpillar stock plunges 20% premarket after outlook and job cuts (Bloomberg)
  • ING Group laying off 20,000 (NY Times)
  • Barclays says all good despite $10 billion writedown, we don't need your stinking bail out (FT)
  • Hedge funds that sue you (thestreet)
  • UBS paying over $1.6 billion in bonuses next month (Timesonline)
  • That Conti CDS looking very cheap - Schaeffler and Conti in talks about possible state bail out (FTAlpha)
  • Home Depot streamlines next, fires 7,000, exits EXPO Business (PR)
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Anonymous said...

Where do you find CDS quotes? Markit?

Tyler Durden said...

bberg mostly