Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Tax Fugitive in the Obama Camp

First Geithner, now this. In a developing story, Obama's pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Daschle is apparently on the outs with the IRS as well. The issue this time has to do with a car and driver lent to Daschle by Leo Hindery of InterMedia Advisors, and former president of YES network, whose use the former Senator never declared on his 1040.

Apparently the ex-Senator started working on the executive board of InterMedia in 2005 after his failed re-election campaign, and at that time began using the services of Hindery's car and driver, without declaring this as the law requires. Tom ended up having to voluntarily pay back $101,943 in taxes and interest for the 3 years of unreported use. And of course, Daschle is quoted as saying that "he deeply regretted the mistake. When he realized it was a mistake he corrected it rapidly."

It seems that, unlike Geithner who blamed the mistake on stupid TurboTax, Daschle had been using an accountant, and when the issue was brought up in 2008, the latter said "there could be tax consequences." Good to see he earned his pay.

Also, turns out this is not the only post that Daschle is appointed to. If the unimaginable happens and he is actually held accountable for his fraud, unlike the Treasury guy, he can always fall back on the other post that Obama has appointed him to serve on: Director of the new White House Office of Health Reform.

Can we amend McCaskill's communist bill such that in addition to capping all compensation at $400,000, that no Americans have to pay taxes just like more and more enlightened representatives of the ruling class.
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Anonymous said...

McCaskill's pay cap is communist? What would nationalizing the banks be?

Tyler Durden said...

Why shud the two be exclusive. Capitalism was fun while it lasted

PCP said...

Am I the only chump who pays taxes in this country?

Anonymous said...

You call McCaskill's bill communist? Puh-leeze!

The banks would be insolvent and in liquidation if it were not for government intervention. The feds have every right and reason to demand whatever the hell they want out of the banks as their role as profit-seeking, independent entities ended when they were bailed out. They now exist at the discretion of the people. McCaskill should require the executives to all wear silly hats if it helps.

Anonymous said...

I personally know plenty of Republicans (and Democrats)and who get perks they don't report to the IRS. I also know tax accountants are far from mistake-free, especially with complicated returns.

I am happy to see these people get scrutinized for a change. I wonder what interesting tax issues would have come up if the last admins people had been scrutinized? John Snow, the 2nd Bush Treasury Sec for example.