Thursday, January 29, 2009

Artridis On A Cool-Sounding Roll

When we inducted Artridis Barracuda in our "coolest name of all time" hall of fame, we had no clue just what a powerhouse this fund is. Turns out the intellectual capital behind the company, in addition to coming up with insanely cool sounding names, also knows how to turn a profit. Artridis, which is Singapore's biggest hedge fund firm, apparently has $4.5 billion in AUM, manages the $2.4 billion Artridis AB2 Fund managed by Stephen Diggle and Richard Magides, and the $1.8 billion Barracuda. The two funds returned 35% and 27%, respectively. The fund's strategy apparently is volatility, which the managers capture via options, warrants and converts.

We are disappointed to hear that names of some of the other funds are rather pedestrian, with examples such as Nada Market Neutral Fund and the Asian Convertible Bond Fund... Definitely not as exciting as, say, Scoop Management. Nonetheless, we wish barracuda lots of success in capturing volatility for years to come. Sphere: Related Content
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