Monday, June 8, 2009

Frontrunning: June 8

  • Corporate profits diluted 4% by U.S. share sales, dividend cuts (Bloomberg h/t root)
  • HSBC unit to stop financing for investors in hedge funds (Bloomberg)
  • Gorgon Brown faces revolt after poll thrashing (Reuters)
  • Must read: The Big Dig: understanding what happened to credit markets (JP Morgan) and a counteropinion (Baseline Scenario)
  • Doubts mount over US toxic asset plan (FT)
  • More on the Bair-Pandit feud, and the Citi exchange offer (Bloomberg hat tip Steeve)
  • Obama tells US businesses to drop dead (Bloomberg)
  • S&P downgrades Ireland from AA+ to AA (FT and Marketwatch)
  • The forgotten manipulated measure: LIBOR (Bloomberg)
  • Free money beckons at bank of the living dead (Bloomberg)
  • Deflation or inflation? (Washington Post)
  • Blame Reagan for our financial mess? (MSN)
  • The bailout state (Weekly Standard)
  • Lithium moment of the day: Bernanke saved us from a Great Depression (James Cramer)
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