Monday, March 16, 2009

Frontrunning: March 16

Ken Griffen's Citadel received $200 million of AIG taxpayer bailout money (FIN Alternatives)
G-20 prefers talk over action on toxic assets (Bloomberg)
An old ZH favorite: pension bills to surge nationwide (WSJ)
As touched upon, European banks receive more than half of $170 spent to bail out AIG (Reuters)
Airline passengers drop for first time in 17 years (Times)
MGM pledges casinos as collateral to avoid bankruptcy (Bloomberg)
Bill Clinton leaves Yucaipa (WSJ)
Deja vu: futures up after Barclays says profitable in first two months; who is next? (Bloomberg)
When all else fails, keep changing the rules (WSJ)
And lastly Bernanke... Comments from Yves Smith and Paul Kedrosky
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Anonymous said...

Any views on the TALF rework?

Tyler Durden said...

as expected. TALF in current form does not address the securities that funds would be interested in buying, whether risk free or not

Anonymous said...

After Benankes infomercial on 60 mins, my sister told me that, "he seems like he is on the right track, i trust him".

Of course she has no idea what the defination of fiat currency is.

It scares me, because i believe the vast majority of U.S. citizens are as uneducated on these matters as my sister is (she has an honours english degree from a great university)