Sunday, February 1, 2009

Late Sunday Headlines

  • More on Alvarez & Marsal's intrepid raking in of Lehman billable hours (WSJ)
  • Charter Communications to file for bankruptcy any minute (NY Post)
  • South Carolina penitentiary inmate No. 40948018 invested money with Madoff, sues (Dealbook)
  • Chrysler seeking significant concessions from suppliers (FT)
  • WSJ advice to underwater homeowners: foreclose (WSJ)
  • Hedge Fund Wars: Paulson's Tet Offensive (Naked Capitalism)
  • Sotheby's and Christie's on the auction block soon? (NYT)
  • Real Treasury yields at 16 months highs (Bloomberg)
  • Autosupplier and Marathon portfolio company Contech files for bankruptcy (Bloomberg)
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