Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Reading

  • Must read: Fast-on-the-draw trades need spot of marshalling (FT, h/t Joe)
  • Roubini Op-Ed on Bernanke: The Great Preventer (NYT)
  • Lennar signals fleeting buildling rally as buyers flee (Bloomberg)
  • JP Morgan to raise banker salaries (FT)
  • The man spreading false rumors about Harman and Textron takeovers (that fooled fast-money's Najarian) found dead in suicide (Bloomberg)
  • Chinese steel executive beaten to death, (FT)
  • Alan Abelson: It could be worse (Barron's)
  • Real homes of genius: The California housing collapse deconstructed (Dr Housing Bubble)
  • Rally may cool on earnings reality check (Reuters)
  • California officials worried about new budget woes (BusinessWeek)
  • US probe targets UBS banker visits (Reuters)
  • Phibro trader Andrew Hall is holding Citi hostage over $100 million pay package (WSJ)
  • Who caused the economic crisis: an email debate between Simon Johnson and Goldman's John Tablott (Salon part 1, part 2 and part 3)
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