Monday, July 27, 2009

Frontrunning: July 27

  • Tenacious G - Is Goldman Sachs evil? Or really good? (NY Mag)
  • Bernanke feared a second great depression; he may still very well get it (WSJ)
  • Europe braced for rising credit card defaults (FT)
  • Loans by U.S. banks shrink as fear lingers (WSJ)
  • Credit crunch part deux (Merk Mutual Funds)
  • Real yields highest since 1994 aid record debt sales (Bloomberg)
  • Ryanair plunges on outlook for fares, earnings (Bloomberg)
  • Earnings - not what they seem (Investment postcards)
  • Aetna again cuts 2009 outlook, profit slides (WSJ)
  • Verizon profit falls 21% (WSJ)
  • Same old story from Radioshack - revenue down, earnings up (MarketWatch)
  • David Rosenberg on BNN (BNN)
  • Weekly economic and financial commentary (Wells Fargo)
  • Deutsche Bank also expected to post profits on credit trading (Bloomberg)
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