Thursday, July 9, 2009

Live Webcast On Fed Independence

House Committee On Financial Services hearing on Regulatory Restructuring: Balancing the Independence of the Federal Reserve in Monetary Policy with Systemic Risk Regulation.
Here is the link with all the prepared testimony.
Panel One

Mr. Donald L. Kohn, Vice Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve

Panel Two

Dr. Frederic Mishkin, Alfred Lerner Professor of Banking and Financial Institutions, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University
Dr. Laurence Meyer, Vice Chairman, Macroeconomic Advisers
Dr. James K. Galbraith, Lloyd M. Bentsen Jr. Chair in Government/ Business Relations and Professor of Government, LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas
Dr. Richard Berner, Chief Economist, Morgan Stanley
Dr. John B. Taylor, Mary and Robert Raymond Professor of Economics, Stanford University
Dr. Allan Meltzer, The Allan H. Meltzer University Professor of Political Economy, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University

And here is the link to jump straight into the webcast. Sphere: Related Content
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