Monday, July 6, 2009

Casa Di Serge

And now for some evening real estate porn combined with a slow motion career trainwreck. Not that it matters to the Serge(y) Aleynikov estate all that much anymore, but some preliminary digging by NJREReport has uncovered pretty much most loose ends in the case of the Russian 007 that was never meant to be. First: here is the tax property detail to the 38 year old's house. Not that exciting. What is more amusing is the dramatic price decline as Serge(y) was trying to offload his 4 bedroom colonial, which was first put on the market in August 2008 (oddly, the Chicago firm, which everyone has identified by now, still has not indicated just when it was that it first approach Serge... and under what guise did it agree to raise his base pay to $1.2 million). Either way, Serge(y) tried to sell first for $689,000, and after less than a year is now "PRICE TO SELL AND PRICE BELOW NEW ASSESSED VALUE" at $550,000: at least the man has a good sense of the true NJ real estate market: those math Ph.D. and SS7 certifications come in handy on occasion. (Alas that price does not cover the $750,000 bail set earlier for Mr. Aleynikov, maybe they can throw in the Honda as part of the package).

Any interested buyers who want to "move right in" should contact Julie Corbo at RE/MAX: if Serge(y)'s MO is any indication, the first to dig a hole in the back yard may just uncover all the program trading secrets that have ever existed.

Other circumstantial evidence: projection ping pong table with Dolby 7.1 surround sound, washed out beige leather sofa and futon, satin sheets, and a corner jacuzzi. After further review, it is no wonder that Serge(y) was willing to sell to the highest bidder.

hat tip James

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