Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vikram Talks Up His Book

Vik is angry and he is not gonna take it anymore. All those jokes about Citi, 99c stores, the cost of a roll of toiler paper, etc. have incensed the former Old Lane founder to the point where he... will write a letter to describe just how incensed he is. Without further ado we present Vikram's missive to his dear citi colleagues, entitled "Capital Strength and Earnings Power".

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Anonymous said...

Revenues before marks? Well of course!!!! They ALL make money before provisions. That isn't the question. The question is whether legacy asset losses will be so huge that they dwarf pre provision income.

Donald Pretari said...

Yes. I think he said that they made $19 Billion, and there was a profit. Can you tell me if he said what the profit was?

Don the libertarian Democrat

PS I also wonder how they're going to value Banamex, Monex, etc., in these stress tests. Do you know?

Anonymous said...

something tells me zero hedge is getting lit up like a christmas tree today

Anonymous said...

How about a hat tip to Team America World Police? That bit about being angry is just like Hans Brix (Blix) talking to Kim Jong-Il in his palace about what the UN is going to do to him. Good to see that guys like you watch good movies!

Anonymous said...

My new super-hero: Hans Vik