Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Overallotment: March 11

  • Obama, Geithner failing to revive economy (WSJ)
  • Cuomo claims Merrill misled congress on bonuses (Docket)
  • Roubini: the made-off ponzi economy as a mirror of Bernie Madoff ($$$ RGE)
  • USO at mercy of traders (WSJ)
  • 4 states with unemployment over 10% (NYT)
  • The world's billionaires declined by 30% (Forbes)
  • US calls for tripling of toothless IMF's "firepower"... (FT)
  • ...As Europe faulted for a tepid stimulus (NYT)
  • Nortel in talks to sell key units to rivals (WSJ)
  • Ford-UAW deal cuts wages to $55/hour (Reuters)
  • Japan funding crunch deepening (Bloomberg)
  • Sergey Brin giving his DNA for Parkinson's study (NYT)
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